Crack & Joint Sealing

CrackSealing Australia Pty Ltd can perform crack & joint sealing work on:

  • Asphalted Surfaces
  • Sealed Surfaces
  • Concrete Surfaces

Crack & joint sealing offers a fast, cost effective method of prolonging the life of road infrastructure

Crack sealing work can be carried out on:

  • Roads
  • Bridge Decks
  • Airports
  • Carparks
  • Driveways
  • Cycleways
  • Floodways
  • Footpaths

Benefits of using crack sealing maintenance procedures on road infrastructure:

  • Extends the time between re-sealing of the road surface
  • Sealing cracks helps prevent water and other foreign matter entering into the base of road surfaces
  • A cost effective way to extend the life of road infrastructure
  • Can help to minimise future degradation of road infrastructure
  • The sealing of cracks before re-sealing of the road surface can reduce reflective cracking in the new surface

CrackSealing Australia Pty Ltd can seal an average of 3500 linear metres of cracks per day in asphalt and concrete surfaces

An average of 2500 linear metres of cracks per day can be repaired on sealed surfaces

Polyflex Type 3 Product Data Sheet (filesize approx 60Kb)

Polyflex Type 3 Sealant & Parking Lot Sealant Material Safety Data Sheet (filesize approx 88Kb)

Parking Lot Sealant Product Data Sheet (filesize approx 62Kb)

DeTack Product Data Sheet (filesize approx 29Kb)

DeTack Material Safety Data Sheet (filesize approx 63Kb)

Bridgedeck & Joint repairs

CrackSealing Australia Pty Ltd can carry out bridge deck joint repairs on:

  • Expansion Joints
  • Fixed Joints
  • Joints on bridge approaches

Repair work can be performed on bridges with concrete, sealed or asphalted surfaces

Advantages of Crafco Polyflex Sealant over asphalt rubber sealants:

  • Polyflex is a Polymer Based Rubber (PBR) with 22% rubber
  • Polyflex will generally set faster allowing quicker opening to traffic
  • Polyflex offers better cold and hot temperature properties
  • Polyflex has better tracking resistance
  • Polyflex is quicker and easier to apply
  • Polyflex has more extensibility within the crack reservoir
  • Polyflex has more options for climate use with four types offered for specific climates

Polyflex Type 3 Product Data Sheet (filesize approx 60Kb)

Polyflex Type 3 Sealant & Parking Lot Sealant Material Safety Data Sheet (filesize approx 88Kb)


The importance of Routing

  • Routing allows better penetration of sealant into the crack
  • The better the crack preparation, the better the sealant will bond with the surrounding crack
  • The better the resulting seal, the better the resistance to the ingress of water and foreign matter
  • The extended life offered to road infrastructure that is routed and sealed will more than offset the extra cost involved in routing
  • Fast�with an average of 1500 linear metres of cracking that can be routed per day

Crafco Qwikseal

QWIKSEAL is a peel and stick pressure sensitive polymer modified asphalt product used as overband crack treatment for minor cracking in asphalt and concrete surfaces in cold to hot climates. QWIKSEAL is suitable for minor cracking up to 12.5mm (0.5") in width

QWIKSEAL is highly adhesive and flexible to resist cracking in the winter and tracking in hot climates

QWIKSEAL provides a flexible, traffic resistant overband crack filling installation suitable for minor repairs in highway, street, airfield and parking lot pavements

QWIKSEAL is installed by unrolling onto the pavement with the exposed adhesive side down, pressure rolling to secure in place, removing the release liner from the surface, and then lightly heating to secure in place

QWIKSEAL does not require melters or pumps for installation. Since QWIKSEAL is pre-sized, it is always installed in the correct geometry, without over or under application

QWIKSEAL is supplied in ‘tape’ form 6.35cm (2.5") wide and 1.6mm (1/16th “) thick in rolls 15.2m (50′) long; with 5 rolls packaged in 18kg plastic pale.

QWIKSEAL Product Data Sheet (filesize approx 85kb)

QWIKSEAL Material Safety Data Sheet (filesize approx 89kb)

HP Asphalt Cold Patch

A high performance “throw and go" cold patch, cold applied, single component permanent patching material used to repair spalls, potholes and cracks over 4cm (1.5inch) wide.

HP Asphalt Cold Patch can be applied in cold wet conditions and requires no mixing, heating or special application

Just place in void right out of the bag and tamp down. Tamping and vehicle traffic increase the material bond and strength.

Please contact CrackSealing Australia Pty Ltd (QLD Distributors) for pricing.

NOTE: MSDS & PDS for this product will be supplied along with order.

HP Cold Patch Product Data Sheet (filesize approx 200Kb)

HP Cold Patch Material Safety Data Sheet (filesize approx 955Kb)

Value Adding

To our valued clients, in conjunction with Crack Sealing, we offer a High Performance Permanent Patch Repair, using HP Asphalt Cold Patch. 

Linemarking Services

We offer a fully accredited line marking & spray service designed to meet Australian Standards. We undertake new & reline maintenance on:

  • Roads
  • Car Parks
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Sporting Courts
  • Major Highways
  • Application of Thermoplastic Paint
  • Application of High Friction Coloured Surfaces
  • Removal of Linemarking via Grinding
  • Kerb Etching


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